Welcome To Kent Paint

Your one-stop shop for all things paint in Kent & the South East.

Special Offers

Get Them While They’re Hot!

What we stock

A leading supplier of paints, Kent Pent stocks an advanced range for all applications. With corrosion protection and specialist paint systems available to suit your needs they are sure to have what you need!

From paints to finishes

You’ll find that their hard-wearing primers will keep the surface pristine while providing excellent gloss levels with topcoats applied over them which means fewer coats on average than if done without it – so more savings in cost too!

Why Kent Paints

At Kent Paints, we pride ourselves on the vast range of products that are available to take away today. Our walk-in paint centre in Maidstone will make another stamp for our industry with its high efficiency and low prices; meaning you can afford more paints or specialist paints without breaking your budget!

Kent Paints is the go-to destination for all your painting needs, with an incredible range of products and services to suit any contractor.

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